Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to change your life?

If you feel exhausted because of a bad connection, dissatisfaction at work or tight communication with friends, mature and responsible Cut everything you do not like it and indulge yourself in creating a new form of life.

Although the changes are welcome, because they encourage self-confidence and promise a more beautiful picture of the future, many people are afraid, as I promised myself that "tomorrow leave cigarettes, husband, work, alcohol, sweets ..." unsafe to stand by my decisions.

In his book "Change or Die" Allen said Dojčman studies showing that patients, even when threatened with death if they do not change lifestyle (such as smoking cessation, exercise, healthy diet), only one in ten dares to do so ! The author has discovered three key things that help people change not to be treated as a "dead letter": support, change habits and their persistent repetition.


Build a new relationship that will inspire you and you inspire hope, suggest experts.
Find a person who believes that you can not change, and entrust to her their plans for the new form of life. People who are surrounded by, and who knows what your goal is and we encourage you to bold steps towards achieving it, you will force yourself to start believing that you are able to leave the old life setting. Finally, a person of trust will always be there to remind you if you want to "sinned" and return to the story from which you have announced their departure.


Change requires a different way of thinking and behavior. If, for example, you want to lose excess weight, you need to be persistent in training and dieting. Going to the fitness center on a weekly basis will positively affect your health, yet do not expect you to four hours of exercise per month "melt" the extra pounds. If, however, sweating on machines three times a week and watch what you eat, it is reasonable to expect a new piece after a few weeks. "The point is to repeat the new behavior pattern, since only the persistence leads to the goal," recalls Dojčman.

New habits

"New connections and new relationships are of great help in changing the way of thinking about life and the situation in which you found yourself," says the author of "Change or die." As time goes by, so anyone who is engaged in the process of change begins to look at life from a different perspective and to find new opportunities.
"Once you let go of the old paradigm of life and feel the positive effects of a new habit, you will easily fit them into the rhythm of life," promises Dojčman.

Step by step to a new future

- Identify what you want to change
- Clearly and precisely record the desires on paper
- Find a friend (or more) you will communicate to you a new job, a new partner ... and ask you from time to time asking how far along with the implementation of changes
- Get in touch with the people who will cheer you reach the set target
- Give yourself time to learn the new skills that will help you achieve the desired changes
- Be prepared to change the angle on life when changes occur. 

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