Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is jealousy a proof of love?

Jealousy can be the spice of love in a relationship, but it is not proof of love. Jealousy is a kind of fear of the end of love.

The presence of jealousy is a sign of possessiveness that comes from the uncertainty in your ability to deal with the changes that might occur during an emotional connection. Jealousy can also be a sign of a serious psychiatric disorder. The reason may be realistic or real while the real cause is actually the person who is jealous. It is manifested in the form of various suspicions and fantasies that accompanies feelings of personal worthlessness.

A person who is confident partner is jealous. Love without trust is a big issue. Many people are about the situation that they will partner to cheat, so trying to stop it controls, checks and spying. Jealousy is definitely a sign of unstable relationships and relationships where there is no trust. These are relationships in which people are to one another like, but where there is no mutual commitment. The issue of trust in a partner is not an expression of respect for the person you're in a relationship, but it's a sign of respect for ourselves. It's hard to make the line between normal and hard possessive jealousy. Never let jealousy rule you unnecessarily as this will make the life of their own hell. The best solution you can trust for help and if you still have betrayed an inner peace and tranquility.

Many equate love and jealousy. Such persons in the presence of a partner will not feel the pleasant feeling of love but feel embarrassed when they realize that the partner does not. No one can guarantee that your happiness in a relationship and love last forever. After all you can always wish for something different and better. Even if due to abandonment by their partners this means that the person does not answer, but your inner values ​​remain unchanged and unique.

Therefore, enjoy the love and do not let jealousy rule, that's the best way to really love and be loved.Love is nice and hard. 

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