Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overcome resistance to change!

If we realize that we can not control ourselves, our impact on the environment will be stronger and we will not have the desire to change our neighbors

We have already heard many times that the only change myself, but it seems you are right that you can not succeed. Constantly in a situation where you bother behavior, reactions, and sometimes even the appearance of the people around you.

This helps you to annoy those who are looking for flaws in you. You clearly see that your assistant slow, the managers in your company are not able to make a decision, your board of directors does not understand the danger lurking from the competition because it was not ready in time to make changes to your partner but it requires a little too much, and I'm not no understanding ... To continue with the listing? And how can you believe that changing ourselves help to ensure that those around you become better?!

Overcome resistance to change

We are constantly talking about the need to become better, and thus to change the world for the better. Is that still possible? We are ready to offer advice to others, and we rarely (the same advice) willing to apply themselves. So, how to change yourself?
Each of us has the ability (and knowledge) to make changes in themselves, and thus, influencing their environment - changing the world around us. If the equation with several unknown at least one change, changes and results. The golden rule is that the internal changes and actually result in external changes, but also changes in the environment. Although at first glance it looks amazing, it makes sense.

Send positive vibes

Each of us radiates a certain energy and attracts a certain type of people, the answer to our 'vibration', and we are quite different when the change ( see things in a positive light, stop being a victim or torturer) and attract very different energy. To achieve this, we must be willing to change and remove barriers in thinking that we are prone, and as a result of our resistance to changing their own attitude.
If you meet these two criteria, the conflict will be solved without a word. Someone is 'out of the clock' annoys you or a nuisance? In this case, the first step is to ask yourself - do you own in his character or conduct of any negativity that reminds me of the person, thus allowing it to affect me so violently react? The honest answer to this question is the beginning of your changes for the better. A positive attitude is the most important. Work on yourself and remember that nobody is perfect! 

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