Friday, August 2, 2013

Small tips for a happier life

Treat yourself to moments of harmony and peace
Many obligations, constant tension and stress a body burden. Therefore, allow yourself a break.Stand next to an open window and breathe deeply. Strongly shake hands and legs. Stretch them to be very taut muscles and hold for five seconds, then relax. That little break will not hinder you from completing the job. After that head will be clearer and we will work more effectively. The evening, treat yourself to a warm bath with some scented oil, with soft music ...

Against apathy

Take to the air
The best treatment to restore your good will to go out and breathe the air of her lungs. In the winter months when the weather overcast and gloomy, it is best to take a walk around noon, when the sun is highest. The cold air and the movement will accelerate blood circulation, and you will feel better. For good rasoploženje Treat yourself to your favorite chocolate cube.

Rage against

Recreation and Sports
When you overcome anger about something that you prefer screaming best therapy is the opportunity to play sports, jogging or just run up the stairs, magazine tear to pieces or arms vigorously push a wall. In this way they will drive negative energy out. Sometimes with loud music that you sing or play can also clear your head and drive the anger.

With fear and anxiety

Walking and contact with nature.
Especially in the fall and winter may occur kojekavi fears, whether of future disease or something else. Fears consuming energy and miserable man living. Therefore, avoid such feelings, the best laugh. About 50 seconds and keep your eyes closed to smeškajte. Or get out into nature and walk around. Get in touch with nature, lean on a tree branch and watch the wind. This will soak up a lot of energy positively. Moments of peace and tranquility, and smells of nature will act positively on your mood. 

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