Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer passes quickly

Today and everyday life run  away from us, that we are in this delirious forget ourselves.
I wonder how many times in the life of man makes  mistakes, due to which spilled  the river of tears, why condemn and hate myself and how much time need to passes to forgive himself such mistakes? Yes, I know, it is much easier to forgive the person who hurt you, but sometimes you can not forgive yourself.
We all carry our secrets, we all have realistic and unrealistic fears, something that we can repent and turn back time, not knowing that we would probably still make the same mistakes, because the heart is in most cases much faster than the mind.

I love to write, but I have to admit that I sometimes lack inspiration, in fact when inspiration touches me , I realize that in fact I have no time from daily work and racing all the tasks that you can feed with virtual lists.
I would like to wrote tonight, but I just woke up my little son, my greatest inspiration. It is so hot tonight even babies can not sleep.
Many of us are bothered by the heat, but it is something we can not change. Life is mostly limited to adjustment. The better you adapt, the less problems you have. Because most of us  silent and suffering. 
Summer will soon be over. Then will come the autumn and winter and we still be paying heating bills.
So enjoy the summer and every new day that dawns sunny and smiling. Let the love warm you. Good night my dear friends ...

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