Friday, August 2, 2013

The argument is sometimes healthy

Most psychologists believe that the sound on the right isvađate sometimes with a partner. However, it is important to know how to fix a relationship after an argument, and that she does not seriously distort.

Many couples split up after a trivial quarrel, but you must know that serious problems can be solved if they mature approach and if you solve them as they arise.
Speak only when passions to subside

For reconciliation after a quarrel most important thing is that the communication countersink after both calm and "cool head." It makes no sense to continue attacking partner or proceed to yell, because that certainly will not solve the problem. However, it is not advisable to wait too long to the end, it is no problem to push it under the rug. Running away from problems is not the answer because one or both partners still have objections to the other or to remain hurt and angry. It is therefore recommended to use a maximum of half an hour to calm down, then sit down and openly discuss your problem that you are experiencing.

Remember that love exists
Even if you are very angry with partners, to keep in mind that the two of you love. Often, the links begin to crumble because of quarrel because one partner begins to think that love slowly begins to wither. So no matter what your partner during an argument and was not my favorite in the world, remember why you are together and how much to share.
Take a stand
When discussing the problem, do not hold back in expressing their views because the problem that you have to meet to permanently fix. It is important not to point a finger, because you will not take blame anywhere. Download of the responsibility, because it takes two to argue, and it is logical that there is a great possibility that you are both mistaken. Talk until you find a solution.
Do not knowingly povređujte
Note that bitterness and tendentious causing pain partner will not help solve the problem. The best way to resolve a dispute that both her partner approaches adulthood, with a positive attitude and aim to achieve a constructive solution, and not to defeat or override the partner. Even when the other side does not show interest in cooperation, you be the person who will show maturity in resolving conflicts.
Talk again, but without shouting
When both of you have thought about the whole conflict, again talk to your partner, so you can see exactly where you stand and if there is something you should talk to. If all discuss and solve the problem, you'll find that your relationship stronger. How do psychologists like to say, after all, you'll be closer to a fight! 

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