Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to start your day with a smile?

I do not know if you remember the saying: "The morning shows the day will be". I was repeatedly assured that this statement is indeed right. How many times did you wake up grumpy, so the whole day was a whirlwind of negative emotions.
Every morning when you wake up, be happy that you get up and start your day with a smile.
I tell myself every morning: "Today no one and nothing will spoil the mood." It does not work every time, but I have to admit that often broke.

Below are some tips on how each day can make merry. Life today is too fast. The amount of stress in most professions, in these expensive times, really great. And just what kind of headache sets the lack of money? What you certainly do not need to disrupt your health.

When some of the small healthy rituals include in your everyday life, then it becomes your habit and life flows easier and nicer.

1 Morning shower was great, so do not rush. Stretch out and sing in the shower, no matter what the neighbors think you have turned again. Hot water causes muscle relaxation.

2 Music is magic. Music is one of the greatest gifts to man for a healthy and happy life. Music reduces stress and tension, increases positive energy and brings serenity to your life. I love grief easier to go with the music. Music, aerobics and yoga are a great recipe for relaxation.

3 Breakfast is the most important meal. A sufficient amount of healthy calories all day maintains your energy and mood. Make sure you get enough protein and vegetables, and not just empty calories. If you eat breakfast regularly, then you definitely will not overeat at lunch or dinner.

4 Coffee is sometimes a hit, but green tea is a better choice.
Green tea is very healthy, because it has a soothing effect and is rich in antioxidants.

5 Morning walk is a friend of your health, reduces stress, improves mental and physical performance and prepares you for the whirlwind of everyday stress. A positive effect on sleep. Even if you walk with someone you love, and for you there are no limits luck ...

6 Show your emotions and write diary
I must admit that much happier living when I have the time to express their emotions, to provide copies of the paper to say what I think and to make some new plans. Amateur writing carries many examples of positive effects on health, relieve your mind from stress. When I write I have a feeling that I was being listened to, without objection, without criticism, and then pick the sweet feeling of freedom, you can not write everything I think and feel. Amateur writing and increases self-esteem and helps to overcome the problems that you currently have in your life.

7 Yoga is very beneficial for physical and mental peace. Even deep breathing exercises release hormones of happiness and positive effect on your health.

I hope to at least some influence on your view about their own health and that I get a little happy smile at the end of this post. 

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