Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to survive another day at work?

How many times have you wanted to vacation for at least two months? How many times have you experienced numerous stressful situations at work? How many times are not able to express their views and show creativity? How many times have you wanted to change jobs? How many times have you wanted to survive another day?

Below are some tips that will help you ease yourself everyday work duties. The fact is that the intelligent people are more productive, but never forget that the key to efficiency lies in habits, which should turn into a routine. Then everything goes much easier.

The most important thing is to recognize what is important and what are minor and insignificant things at work, or to separate important from the unimportant. This way you will stop wasting time.

Ask yourself if what you are currently doing, moving closer to realizing your goal, and if this is what you want in life? If the answer is "yes", continue to perform the work. If a deal is not in question is yes, then maybe it's time to change priorities.

The next important step is to properly arrange your time. Being productive does not mean "work without end." Breaks are very important to renew attention and concentration. At the moment of when you get tired and feel pain in my neck stand up from the table, open a window and breathe in the fresh air.

Do not delay work. What you end up right away, it is best to do right now. When setting deadlines, be realistic. Panic from the fact that you can not finish the job on time, your greatest enemy.

Find your own motives. Find your inspiration and ask yourself why exactly you love what you do?Put your wishes in writing. So look much more realistic and the way to realizing a dream is much easier.

Do not spend too much time on social networks. One distracting. Try to fix a slow computer because it steals your time ruthlessly and terribly annoying you. Do not answer every phone call. A large number of calls are a waste of time and the outpouring of the "hollow" to "empty."
Try adjusting the environment.

Buy yourself a pot of flowers. The plant brings life to the office.

At any time, you feel that you are slow, unproductive and tired, take a break. Ten minutes will not ruin your day, but you will certainly freshen up and prepare to win again.

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