Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to start meditation?

Below are a few ways you can fix your health and mood. 

Meditation unless a favorable effect on health, improve intelligence, concentration, learning ability and memory. People who regularly meditate have a positive spirit, brighter, less prone to criticism and really know how to enjoy life.

Reiterates the fact that all takes time, and your little fortress of peace and tranquility will not occur overnight. Before you begin meditating, you should turn off all appliances, such as TV, mobile and computer. You need to stay in a quiet room. The best solution is to meditate every day at the same time, approximately twenty minutes. The atmosphere should complement incense sticks, light music or scented candles.

Wondering how to meditate?

- Find your magical oasis of peace in your home.
- Sit down and make sure that your spine is straight. A position that is most commonly used is the lotus, with legs bent at the knees .. You can sit on a pillow.
- Lean your hands on your knees, palms turn up.
- Close your beautiful eyes.
-Deep breath in through your nose and focus on the air that goes into your lungs. Let your breathing while expanding the stomach, not the lungs.
- Exhale as slowly as possible.
- Forget about everyday problems, all thoughts, all your worries, all fears, and think only of the air flow.
- At first, you will not be able to completely dismiss the thoughts that bother you, but daily basis training will give better and better results.
- Persistent concentrate on your breathing.
- The first few days meditate ten minutes, then gradually increase to twenty.
-The material should be repeated, and meditation is best to practice before meals.

Over time, meditation will become your support and good friend, that will make life easier and bring more success on a personal and professional level. 

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