Friday, March 28, 2014

How to be happy with your life?

How many times have you asked yourself the question: "How can I fix my own life?" Happiness is at your fingertips, just have to find it in yourself and whatnot around. 

What is really lucky? 

Below are some tips on how you can daily be satisfied, happy and smiling. Never forget the old saying, "Laughter is next to godliness!" 

In an article published by Time magazine as saying B92, Eric Barker, author of the popular blog "Barking up the wrong tree," offers five simple steps that you need to learn in order to be satisfied with their lives. 

Friends are a great source of satisfaction 

Studies have shown that the number of close friends may increase your sense of satisfaction with life.Developed and rich social life is worth as much as a good salary. 

Consider What are your relations with your neighbors? Good relations with neighbors can significantly reduce the feeling of loneliness, which is often a source of sadness, depression and unhappiness. 

Have you ever been a mentor to the younger and, in turn, an older person? Please note that such a relationship in which the transfer of knowledge to other people has a positive impact on you. 

Build your life story 

Regardless of whether you work eight hours a day at a computer, a bank, a hospital, school or daily jump from plane to plane, it is important that you are aware of their own life stories. You must familiarize yourself and your desires, and sometimes recall the good side of your life story. 

Have you ever tried to write a diary, or you are planning to write a novel about your life? It's a great idea, because research has shown that people who write about their lives happier than those who do not. Writing frees you from stress. It's like you're protecting the best friend that you can tell everything and you're sure you will not be issued. Writing, you can win almost all stressful situations.

Meet and your family tree, because the tree is aware of their roots, to be successful and grow. 

Set yourself priorities 

People who know your target and what to strive for, easier to achieve success in life and fulfill their desires. It brings lots of pleasure. 

When you set yourself goals, you should be honest with yourself and fight for what do what you truly want. The passion you carry with you in the fight for their desires also makes you feel more satisfied. 

This, however, does not mean you should not each day to win great prizes. Remember that it is important for happiness and every little success, and each small victory. 

Money is not the answer to all your problems 

What people attach more importance to money, they are unhappy. Money is important, but you should not let that be our whole world revolves around him. 

Work on yourself and constantly build themselves. 

People who are learning every day, reading and discovering new worlds are far happier and more satisfied, which has a positive impact on physical and mental health. 

Openness to change and new beliefs affect our happiness and satisfaction. 

Do the daily commute from the roots! It is important to establish just your value system is at times thinking about his "reorganization." 

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