Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to restore a smile on your face?

Today you are unhappy. S nostalgically recall some past time when you were surrounded by laughter and lots of cheerful friends. Once you believe that you have wings. Today, little things getting out of control. Often you are depressed. If you can not remember when was the last time smile from your heart, then this is a great article for you.
Life is too hard, sometimes cruel, people have lost the sense of the beautiful and romantic things. Everybody just run for the money, we live without scruple, and without love. We all sometimes lack energy and falter both mentally and physically. There are people who cope with problems.

Below are some tips if you are a person who wants to laugh again.

Invite your friends and go crazy on social games.
Gather your friends and make a night of social games. Super have a monopoly, dice, mica, "Ludo" preference, rummy and many other somewhat forgotten games.

Laughter is the best medicine, and relieves stress. Laughter stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which is called the hormone of happiness.

Every day, find time to walk
Nothing frees the mind from negative energies like fresh air and a walk. In addition, your line will soon be perfect.

Turn off cell phones and computers, forget tablets and smart phones. You have no idea how exhausting all this information to continuously get through the devices. Social networks are sometimes very frustrating. Take a break from the world of outside, put your feet up and have a good night's sleep.

Try something new. Changes are always welcome, especially in the moments when you are suffocating boredom and routine. Go to work in some other way, write to recreation, go to the pool, gym. Go to places in the city where you have never been.

Call a friend on the phone. Do not type too many text messages. Tell your friend what's bothering you. Talk is a great way to unload, get advice and start from scratch to build his fortune.

4 Invite a friend
No, do not send him an SMS, but recall it! A call to the person you trust is a great way to talk about what is bothering you and you get the right advice.

5 Try something new
Changes are welcome any time you feel that your routine "choking". Go to work through that would not otherwise go, join a new gym, go to a restaurant where you were ..

Make a list of things that you are grateful. Always think about what you're missing in life. Change the rhythm. Do the attitudes you have and that you are a happy person. Health, good friends, family, trips are good reasons to be happy.

Sing when you're sad?

Volunteer and happiness of others.

Eat a healthy diet. Green beans are great for healthy and slim. These vegetables contain a lot of amino acid known as L-dopa (dopamine), which improves mood and reduces depression.

Yoga is a good source of positive energy. A large number of celebrities practiced this relaxation technique. Exercising in a group provides more satisfaction. at the same time is great opportunity to meet new friends.

Take a break!
The excitement does not stop? Maybe you just need a good break from everything. Get some sleep, walk in nature, take a walk in the park. Spend more time with yourself, discover your desires.

Realize your greatest desire
Daily duties distancing us from achieving our dreams and big goals in life. Pull the hand, "you think to yourself and remember that your greatest desire in life. Make a plan and you are one step closer to its realization.

Find fun in the kitchen
Even if you are not a master of the stove, saving simplest salads or sandwiches can raise your confidence and make you away from your everyday worries.

Give a compliment and get a compliment back.

Take your living and working space. Create a new policy. Buy yourself a goldfish. Take all the unnecessary stuff from your office and reorganize the space in which you reside. The feeling of satisfaction when you change the look of your office or living space will remove all negative thoughts.

Feel the moment in which you live. You live today do not think of the distant future. Forget the failures of the past. You have the right to be happy. You might at this point it does not work that way, but remember that the situation in the past when you had the impression that your whole world is falling apart, because something did not happen or has happened. Later it turned out that it was a big hit. If you are sad because of love, remember that you never know when there will be a person of your life. This can occur today.

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